You rely on your vehicle’s transmission system to keep you on the road for a safe, smooth ride. This unique system features a myriad of interconnected parts that are constantly heating up, moving, and rubbing against each other. With so many parts, it’s no surprise that too much friction and heat can lead to problems over time. Whether you drive a domestic, Asian, or European vehicle, the professionals at Kurth’s Auto Repair have the skills and latest tools to help you solve all your transmission woes and provide you with the best transmission repair in New Hope, MN.

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Signs of Transmission Trouble

When you catch transmission problems before they get out of hand, it can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches. Make sure you know what the warning signs are so you can be aware of potential transmission trouble. If your vehicle pauses before moving between park and drive, or if you notice a pause in forward motion, you could have an issue with your gears. If the transmission feels like it’s slipping, grinding, or jumping during acceleration or when you change gears, bring it to us for a full inspection.

Another red flag for the transmission is your car seems to shake at almost any speed. A burning smell coming from the hood or visible signs of leaking under your vehicle are also indications that your transmission fluid is either low or dirty. Sounds like clunking, screeching, or whistling may mean that your transmission system is in serious trouble. Never ignore unusual sounds, smells, or leaks when it comes to your vehicle. Instead, bring it to Kurth’s Auto Repair and we’re happy to perform a full diagnosis.

Transmission Repair New Hope, MN

One of the most common problems related to transmission is that the fluid is extremely dirty and dark. Clean transmission fluid is required to ensure that your engine stays cool and that all essential gears are running smoothly without grinding together. Without clean fluid, your gears can slip or become ground down. Thankfully, a transmission fluid flush and refill will rectify the problem. If the gears on your manual transmission system are worn out, you could end up in serious trouble. Make sure they’re not spinning at the same time as this could cause complete transmission failure. Other common problems include a worn-out clutch, failed needle roller bearings, and other parts that have simply become worn out and need to be replaced.

Transmission Service Near Me

Whether it’s regular maintenance or serious repairs, contact the pros at Kurth’s Auto Repair in New Hope, MN, and give us a call to schedule an appointment today!