Preventative Maintenance

The cost of owning a car is constantly going up, no matter if it is getting new tires or even filling up on gas. Even the prices of used vehicles are rising in price. These rising prices mean it is extremely vital to keep your vehicle maintained and free from major, costly repairs. Every car deserves to be maintained, everything from the stylish sports car to the twenty-year-old beater you inherited from your grandpa. And when it comes to preventative maintenance New Hope, MN drivers know there isn’t a mechanic in town who can beat Kurth’s Auto Repair.

preventative maintenance
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Preventative Maintenance New Hope MN

Preventative maintenance is absolutely the best service you can perform to ensure your car will last as long as it can. Keeping up with your maintenances, oil changes to transmission fluid flushes can help reduce the cost of ownership.

At Kurth’s Auto Repair, we can help you establish and maintain a preventative maintenance schedule that works for you. The longer you keep to your maintenance schedule, the longer your car stays on the road. Bring your car into our shop today, give us a call, or visit our services page for all the services we offer.

Oil Changes New Hope MN

The oil flowing through your engine offers heat reduction, lubrication, and protection to your engine. When the oil is new it offers the best performance in these tasks, but over time, dirt will collect in the oil and reduce its effectiveness.

Keeping your oil clean and working at peak performance is important and this can be accomplished by getting your oil changed regularly. Your oil filter requires replacement aswell to ensure your oil remains clean for as long as possible. We will replace your oil filter as well. Regular oil changes will increase your vehicle’s life.

Fuel Injector Cleaning

Vehicles with fuel injectors will have better performance and will get better gas mileage compared to those that don’t. It is important to get your fuel injectors cleaned every so often since they too can get filled with dirt and debris. When they get too clogged with dirt, they will start to affect engine performance and gas mileage.

Routine cleaning of those fuel injectors from our crew here at Kurth’s Auto Repair is the recommended way to ensure your injectors are functioning at their best.

Fluid Changes

Your car has several different fluids that each have their own special purpose. These fluids are here to reduce the friction of certain components, remove heat, and even help some systems perform their actions. For example, your brake fluid is vital since they help the brake function.

As part of your routine maintenance, you should get your fluids checked and replaced if need be. Referring to your vehicle’s owner’s manual is the best source for all the information on your car’s fluids. There is an alternative and that is bringing your vehicle into our shop for service.

Belts and Hoses

Your belts and hoses are vital to parts of your engine and will eventually crack, leak, or fail. Maintaining them and replacing them when needed can save you a lot of money. You can always request any of our service technicians to inspect your belts and hoses if you believe there is something wrong with them or just for peace of mind.

If there is a need for either to be replaced, we have the part and the experts to replace it for you. We will gladly help you get your car fixed.

Tire Rotation New Hope MN

Rotating the tires is important to help even the wear they receive from everyday driving. A rotation should be done every other oil change and will help keep your tires lasting longer than ever. Getting a new set of tires is an Investment, and you want to protect them with regular tire rotations.

Preventative Maintenance Near Me

If you have any questions about these services or preventative maintenance in general, refer to your owner’s manual for your vehicle. If you can’t find it there or just want us to take care of it for you, give us a call today, we are more than happy to help.