Free 15 Minute Inspection

free 15 minute inspection
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Every time you step inside your car and turn the key, you expect the vehicle to respond. You expect it to start right away, and you expect it to track straight as you drive down the road. You expect the engine to respond quickly and accelerate fast, and you expect to get where you are going without any drama.

With so much riding on your car every day, it just makes sense to take good care of that vehicle. That is why you carefully maintain your car, changing the oil at the recommended intervals, following the preventative maintenance schedule from your owner’s manual and even getting the occasional tune-up. But how can you know your car, truck or SUV is really in great shape? You bring it to Kurth’s Auto Repair for a free 15-minute inspection.

A Free Inspection – Priceless Peace of Mind

Unlike the thorough safety inspection, you are used to, our 15-minute inspection is designed to give you peace of mind. You may not get an inspection sticker, but you will know your vehicle is operating safely, and that reassurance will allow you to truly enjoy the road ahead.

The fact that our inspection takes only 15 minutes is another reason to stop by or make an appointment. At just 15 minutes, our vehicle inspection fits into your life perfectly – you can stop by on your way home from the office or even drop in on your lunch hour. When you pull into our parking lot, we will take a look at your car, give you a detailed report of our findings and send you on your way. If you have 15 minutes, you can make sure your vehicle is running great.

We know you are busy, and we understand that even a 15-minute inspection takes time out of your day. That is why Kurth’s Auto Repair offers this service to you, our valued customer, so you don’t have to worry about bigger car problems down the road that is costly and takes additional time from your busy schedule.

FREE Inspection Near Me

If you want to know that your car, truck or SUV is running the way it should, you need to be sure. At Kurth’s Auto Repair in New Hope, MN, we service all Domestic, Asian, and European makes and models. We have over 45 years of experience in the car industry. So, if you are looking for a repair shop that has you and your car as a priority, stop by and let us show you why we are different.