Engine Repair & Diagnostics

Engine Repair & Diagnostics
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If your check engine light turns on, it may be an indication of serious engine trouble. While not every check engine light is a serious issue, there may be times where your vehicle is in need of some repair or diagnostics tests. In some cases, the check engine light may indicate something as simple as a loose gas cap, while other times it could indicate the potential for engine failure. Don’t leave your vehicle to chance if you notice something is wrong. Bring your vehicle to the trained experts at Kurth’s Auto Repair so we can make a full, accurate diagnosis and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Diagnosing Engine Trouble

All Domestic, European, and Asian modern vehicles contain something called an onboard computer system. This system contains a series of specific codes that can help us determine what is causing your engine trouble. When you notice the check engine light is on, we’ll run your vehicle through a series of quick tests to determine which codes are stored. These codes will help us make a more accurate diagnosis as well as the repairs needed to fix the problem in a quick, efficient way. We use the most modern tools and software available as well as constant training to make sure that we’re always on top of the latest changes in auto diagnosis and repair.

Once we diagnose the cause of your engine trouble, we’ll do a few further tests to pinpoint the problem. Our technician may do a quick test drive to listen for unusual sounds or look for smells or smoke that seems out of place. With the combination of our computerized diagnostics test and a test drive, we’re able to determine exactly what’s causing your engine to give you problems when you’re on the road. We’ll make sure we give you an accurate estimate of the costs, and we’ll never ask you to pay for any services you don’t need.

Common Engine Repairs

Two of the most common issues with vehicles is when the engine is either knocking or stalling. If you notice a strange tapping or knocking noise, your vehicle could be running low on motor oil. Another cause could be due to a worn-out valve. Listen closely for any whistling sounds, which might mean your camshaft belt is out of alignment or you have a leak with the intake system. Grinding noises are usually an issue with your brakes rather than the engine itself. If the engine is stalling, your engine might be overheating or you have a problem with the fuel pump. Other causes could be a problem with your electrical system, or you need a fuel injector cleaning or new spark plugs.

Engine Diagnostics and Repair Near Me

Whether it’s regular maintenance or serious repairs, contact the pros at Kurth’s Auto Repair in New Hope, MN to schedule an appointment today!