Belts and Hoses

belts and hoses
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The average vehicle contains hundreds of critical parts, but the belts and hoses are arguably among the most important. Having a radiator hose burst could stop you in your tracks or even cause your engine to overheat and create long-lasting (and expensive) damage. The premature failure of a critical belt could have the same impact, leaving you stranded by the side of the road while you wait for help to arrive.

As a driver, you may not think much about your belts and hoses, but maybe you should. You can check your belts and hoses yourself, but if you need professional service, we invite you to stop by Kurth’s Auto Repair for the repairs and replacement your vehicle deserves.

Are Your Hoses Leaking?

The easiest way to check your hoses is to look for leaks. Small leaks are not always apparent, but over time, you may notice fluid spots on the garage floor or where you park your car.

The next time you pull out of your parking space, stop and take a look at the area under your car. If you see any automotive fluid, you need to have your hoses professionally checked.

Check Your Belts and Hoses Today

The absence of leaks is a good sign for your hoses, but it is not a guarantee those hoses are in good shape. Even if you do not see any leaks, you should check the hoses for cracks, bulges and potential weak spots. If you see any of these deficiencies, just give Kurth’s Auto Repair a call. We will install a replacement hose, so you do not have to worry.

You should give the belts in your car the same care and attention your hoses receive. If you notice any cracks or dry areas on the belts, call Kurth’s Auto Repair for a replacement today. You do not want to wait for a belt to break or fail – being proactive is the best way to keep your car, truck or SUV on the road.

Belts & Hoses Near Me

You have a lot riding on your belts and hoses, and a vested interest in keeping them in great shape. Whether you need a simple check of your belts and hoses or expert repair and replacement, you can rely on the automotive experts at Kurth’s Auto Repair. Make an appointment or just stop by our New Hope, MN, shop today!