Batteries, Starting System and Electrical

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As a conscientious and safe driver, you work hard to care for your car. You change the oil regularly, follow the preventative maintenance schedule closely and pay careful attention to how your vehicle operates.

While all of those things are important, if you fail to take care of your starting system, you will not get very far. From the battery and the starter to the alternator and the electrical system, the failure of these critical components can leave you stranded.

Service for Your Entire Starting System

At Kurth’s Auto Repair, we offer professional service for your entire starting system, from expert analysis and diagnosis of your starter and alternator to professional checks of your battery and electrical system.

Whether your vehicle is suffering from hard starts and sudden shutdowns or you just want extra peace of mind, just bring your vehicle to us for the diagnosis and repairs you need.

How Old is Your Battery?

Even the best vehicle batteries have a limited lifespan, but modern batteries often show few signs of wear. The battery in your vehicle may work perfectly – until it doesn’t.

The only way to know for sure is to get your battery tested, so bring your vehicle into Kurth’s Auto Repair before a sudden failure leaves you stranded. If your battery is nearing the end of its predicted life, we can test it and make sure it is still running strong. If your battery is weaker than it should be, we can install a replacement battery and get you on your way with confidence. So, take a few minutes to lift the hood and check the sticker on your battery. If the battery is nearing the end of its life, it is time to get it checked out, and Kurth’s Auto Repair is here to help.

Expert Diagnosis for Starting and Electrical Problems

From the sudden failure of your electrical system to problems with hard starting, it can be difficult to know what is wrong. If your vehicle is hard to start, shakes or rattles, it is important to get an expert diagnosis.

Until you know what is wrong, it will be impossible to put it right. At Kurth’s Auto Repair, we use our state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose the problem fast, so you can be confident in our expert repairs. Whether you need a new starter or alternator or help with a faulty electrical system, Kurth’s Auto Repair is always here to help.

Battery Inspection Near Me

Do not wait for your car to leave you stranded – have your battery and starting system checked out today. Just stop by for the expert service and diagnosis you need in New Hope, MN.