Auto Repair Services

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When your car, truck or SUV needs repaired, you cannot afford to wait, and when you work with the Kurth’s Auto Repair, you will not have to. We serve the entire New Hope and surrounding areas, and we understand the needs of area drivers.

At the Kurth’s Auto Repair, we offer a full range of services, all designed to keep you safer on the road. We strive to provide New Hope drivers with top quality service, fair prices and convenience. We work on all makes and models, and we have access to a vast network of replacement parts, speeding the repair process and getting you back on the road fast.

Brake Repair

When your brakes are bad, nothing else matters. Your brakes are the first line of safety for yourself and other drivers on the road, and you cannot afford to let those brake problems go.

From squeaky brakes and strange noises to leaking brake lines and excessive pedal play, these problems take many forms. But no matter what form they take, the Kurth’s Auto Repair can put things right. We want to keep you safe on the road, so bring your vehicle to us today.

Oil Changes

If there is one thing you can do to extend the useful life of your vehicle and lower your overall cost of ownership, it is changing the oil at the recommended intervals. Regular oil changes can help your engine run stronger and longer, so you can stay on the road and avoid unnecessary repairs.

At the Kurth’s Auto Repair, we offer routine oil changes for all makes and models, and we can make expert recommendations for the right type of oil and filter. If you are overdue for your next oil change, just bring your vehicle to us.

Preventative Maintenance

Oil changes are important, but they are not the only preventative maintenance your vehicle needs. Other types of preventative maintenance are just as important, including transmission flushes and fills, coolant changes, fluid top-offs and tire rotations.

Just check your owner’s manual to see which preventative maintenance services your vehicle needs and when you need them. We can help you stay on schedule, so your vehicle can stay on the road longer.


You have a lot riding on your tires. Every time you leave the garage or pull out of the driveway, you rely on your tires to get you where you are going.

If those tires are bald, have flat spots or are just plain worn out, they cannot provide the safety you and your family deserve. When it is time for new tires, we can help you choose the perfect model, and we can help you care for them right.

Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Shield Installation

If your Toyota Prius is in need of a new catalytic converter shield, Kurth’s Auto Repair has all the expertise and supplies to get yours in order.

From tire rotations and front-end alignments to tire repair, Kurth’s Auto Repair offers a full range of tire services for you and your vehicle. Just give us a call or stop by today for all your tire service needs.